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We have several stylists to choose from. Stylists prices are determined by demand for their time and skill level. To see a stylists individual pricing, please checkout the Team page to determine the stylist for you! Please note that all prices may increase due to hair length and density. Stylists will go over pricing during the consultation. Pricing is determined by demand of stylist time, skill / education, and experience. 

Long Hair

Haircut + Styling

Includes consultation, signature shampoo, scalp massage with hot towel, and complimentary heat styling

haircut + style     $50+   $70+   $80+
blow + style       $30+   $40+   $50+

Hair Coloring

All color appointments include consultation, clear gloss, scalp massage with hot towel, and heat styling. If you need a haircut with your color service, no need to book, time is already allotted.

root retouch        $85+     $100+    $130+
partial highlight   $100+   $120+    $150+
full hightlight       $120+   $150+    $200+  
balayage           $125+   $145+    $170+
all over color      $95+     $115+    $135+ 


Brazilian blowout products eliminate frizz, add shine, improve the life of your hair, and cuts down on blow drying / styling time. 

brazilian blowout   $250+
brazilian express    $150+
brazilian rewind     $50+ 
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