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Hair Extensions

Canvas is proud to offer several different methods of sew - in hair extensions for all hair types.

What can I expect?

The extension experience begins when you come in for your consultation. Your stylist will ask about lifestyle and hair goals. After deposit is paid, extensions will be ordered and take 2-5 days to come in (if they are not on back order). 

Most extension installs generally take 2-5 wefts per row, with 2-3 rows being average. Finally, your stylist will cut the extensions to blend with your natural hair and finish the appointment with a mini tutorial on how to style your new locks.

How often do I need to come back?

Move - ups are required every 6 - 9 weeks, depending on texture, speed of hair growth and home care. With proper care, your extensions can last 9 - 12 months. 



Pricing for extensions are determined with an in person consultation only. Pricing quotes will not be giving over the phone or messaging. Pricing varies by stylist.  

Extension consultation    
First install                   
Full row move up          
Half row move up         
$25            $275+  $125+
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